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The invisible brace: an invisible correction of the tooth misalignment

For most adults the thought of wearing a brace is connected with a certain amount of skepticism and displeasure. You will be surprised in a positive way when you take a look at the modern brace. It allows a gentle correction of the tooth misalignment and in addition it is almost invisible.

Invisalign: invisible brace for adults

The modern method is called Invisalign and it was developed to correct a tooth misalignment without a visible brace or wire. It is an orthodontic treatment which combines the highest aesthetic standards with excellent comfort. You will barley feel the transparent material while wearing the brace and you don't have to fear skeptical glances from other people.

How is an invisible brace actually made?

To achieve the best results an exact preparation is necessary. This means that the brace is custom made for your dentition by programming so called Aligner which calculate the movement of the teeth. In comparison to standard therapy with conventional braces the Invisalign method makes a shorter treatment duration possible. The Aligner will be changed in an interval of approximately 3 - 4 weeks.

The major advantage: by using this accurate new method we can tell you exactly how much time the entire procedure will take, even before the beginning of the treatment. Furthermore it is possible to follow the development of your tooth position via three-dimensional display of your dentition.

The advantages of Invisalign treatment at a glance:

  • No problems while eating because you don't even feel the brace
  • Before starting the treatment you will be informed about the treatment duration
  • Thanks to high technology standards you will see the resulting outcome
  • Invisible brace from a distance of approximately 50 cm
  • Remove the invisible brace while eating
  • The oral Hygiene is considerably easier than with conventional braces

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