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What is an inlay?

Inlays provide an alternative to fillings, replacing part of a tooth that has been lost because of decay, wear or accidental damage. They are stronger and can last longer than fillings, and are especially suitable for the chewing surfaces on back teeth and large repairs to front teeth.

Inlays are made of ceramic / porcelain – the latter results in a repair that is virtually undetectable. An inlay sits in a hole in the tooth.

The tooth is prepared in the same way as a filling. Once prepared, an impression is taken of the tooth using a soft mouldable material. This is then given to a dental technician to build a bespoke inlay to the exact size and shape required.


Inlay versus conventional filling: what is the difference?

Compared to conventional fillings inlays last much longer. Ceramic inlays are stable, transparent and have abrasion poroperties very similar to those of the natural dental enamel.

The material does not change the color, so you will profit from a longlasting beautiful tooth shade.

One major aspect is that ceramic does not cause any allergies.

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