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Dental Hightech

The whole team of dentists and all the staff members are characterized by their high competence and commitment. For a modern practice it is just as important as the use of the latest technology.

This is the high tech equipment we use at our clinic:

  • digital x-ray equipment, which can minimize the radiation exposure up to 90 %
  • high frequency ultrasound to ensure the best periodontal treatment
  • modern magnifying glasses
  • DVT digital volume tomography, which helps to create a three dimensional image before the start of an implantation
  • intraoral camera technology
  • CEREC 4.0 to produce computer-milled full ceramic partial crowns as well as inlays
  • operating-microscope which provides 23 x enlargement and ensures the highest safety when it comes to surgery, endodontics and prosthetics

The advantages of digital x-ray

Formerly, a light-sensitive film was exposed to X-rays and then developed. The digital X-ray is the modern development of the conventional X-ray, using a digital-detector system instead of traditional photographic film. During the examination, X-rays are directed specifically at the particular body region in question. Other body parts are not directly exposed to radiation.

Less radiation 

A digital-detector system on the opposite side captures the incoming X-rays, varying in strength, and converts the signals into an image on the computer. This system is much more sensitive than conventional X-ray systems. Therefore, a significant reduction in the radiation dose is possible.

No elaborate film developing is needed any more

Since there is no need for film development with digital radiography, the images are ready for review immediately after the examination. Therefore the chemical equipment previously needed for film development is no longer required.

To make sure you profit from this advantages, our clinic is equipped with a digital x ray system. All of our workflows are computer-aided.

According to this the following advantages arise:

For the dentist:
  • images or multimedia can be presented directly at the dentist’s chair
  • due to a high technology computer software we can present you the final results even before the beginning of the treatment
  • we can accurately estimate the treatment costs
  • due to a digital appointment management we can avoid waiting times
Die The digitization of our clinic has further advantages for all staff members:
  • fail-safe archiving
  • improved administration
  • optimization of work processes
  • minimally invasive treatment due to computer-navigation
  • reliable differential diagnosis due to computer-analysis

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