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The all-on-4TM-treatment concept

Just 4 implants needed for a third set of teeth

With this treatment concept patients receive an excellent alternative to the conventional third set of teeth. It merely needs 4 implants.

There is no more advanced treatment method available nowadays. A short treatment time is just one advantage of this concept. These permanent dentures offer an enormous quality of life.

Good reasons to choose this concept

  • high quality tooth replacement in just one day
  • just a little bone material necessary to preserve the tertiary dentition
  • the palate remains free and ensures you a comfortable feeling
  • excellent alternative to removable prosthesis

The treatment process

This concept ensures a secure basis by using just 4 implants on the upper jaw. Two straight anterior implants and two implants tilted up to 45º in the posterior.

The palate remains free and ensures a perfect fit of the dentures.

An overview of the treatment process

  1. Detailed consultation about the treatment process
  2. A detailed treatment and cost plan will inform you about the treatment phases and the costs associated with them.
  3. Aducative conversation about the treatment
  4. Day of treatment: immediate restoration
  5. Day after treatment: follow-up examination
  6. 10 Days after the treatment: follow-up examination
  7. 3 months after treatment: control examination and dental impression of the final dentures
  8. 8-10 days later: first fitting of the final dentures.
  9. 10 days later: insertion of the final dentures

We recommend a control examination of the dentures as well as exclusion and cleaning every 6 months in combination with an x ray control once a year.

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